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We have always worn a mask during appointments, but the state of South Carolina is now requiring that clients also wear them while on the premises. It can be a disposable mask, handmade mask, bandanna or scarf. The appointment may not take place without you wearing a mask, so please ensure to arrive with one.



No gloves please. Gloves are meant to avoid cross-contamination. For instance, in a hospital, workers glove up to touch a patient and then DISCARD the gloves before moving on to the next task. If you are wearing the same set of gloves all over town, you are carrying germs everywhere! Every door you touch, the cart, the supplies, your phone, your face.  So you will need to remove your shoes, then wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you come in.


We have always sanitized and will continue to sanitize all of our tools and surfaces between clients. If you know Karyna, you know what a clean freak she has always been. We have added a few extra steps to our cleaning routine between clients. 



Due to the enhancement and  thoroughness of our  post-service procedures, every minute between appointments will be needed to prepare the studio for your visit.  If you are early, please wait in your vehicle so we have time to properly sanitize everything and get the room ready for you. We will be busy cleaning the room and unable to answer the door until your appointment time. Also, the waiting area at the Cirque Salon Studios will no longer be available to our guests for your safety.



We are easing up on our cancellation policy for the time being. If you are sick, please do not come in. If you've been around someone who is sick, please do not come in.  Just let us know within a reasonable amount of time if you need to cancel or reschedule and we will do our best to accommodate you.



As usual, please do not bring an extra guest to your appointment.



One way that sicknesses like COVID-19 and influenza spread are through droplets from coughing, sneezing and talking. So for the time being, we will exercise as little talking as possible. You can bring headphones or we can pull up a podcast for you to listen to while you relax.


We will keep updating these guidelines as we receive more information from DHEC and LLR.


Thank you for understanding. I hope you’re staying safe, and I look forward to seeing you very soon! 🖤🖤


So we can accommodate your desired appointment date and time, we recommend scheduling in advance to ensure availability.

To guarantee your reservation, a credit card or deposit (via Venmo, Zelle, PayPal) is required at the time of booking.

This information is needed as part of our cancellation policies and we'll  only make necessary charges to your account on the date of your scheduled service. You will not be billed unless there is a cancellation or no show. 



When you book an appointment with KO Beautiqué, our time is reserved especially for you. We value your business and ask that you respect the scheduling policies.  Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

Any cancellations with less than 12 hours of notice are subject to a 50% cancellation fee amounting to the cost of the scheduled service. Guests who miss their appointments without giving any prior notification will be charged in full for the scheduled service.

We recognize that the time of both our guests and professionals is very valuable and have implemented this policy for this reason. When you miss an appointment with us, we not only lose your business, but potentially the business of other clients who could have scheduled an appointment for the same time. 

Due to the current environment and all associated precautions needed, we can only allow a late arrival of up to 15 minutes.

All appointments have been created to allow the appropriate time for full enjoyment of each service. Your late arrival may limit our ability to offer you the fullest experience possible. Please understand that late arrivals will not be offered an extension of time, therefore, treatments will be rendered only for the remainder of the scheduled appointment.  You are still liable for the full payment of the scheduled service.

We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first scheduled appointment. This will allow the time to fill out a consultation form (if necessary) so we can best attend your needs.

Please notify us at the time of booking of any health conditions, allergies, sensitivities to aromas or ingredients, injuries, recent surgeries, pregnancy, or special needs which may affect your services.

Prices and services are subject to change without notice. We will do our best to keep our clients up to date of any changes that may occur but encourage all clients to inquire about pricing and available services when booking your appointment. 

It is never required that you are unclothed in front of anyone. Towels and robes are provided and can keep you covered, our goal is to ensure that you are comfortable, so please let us know if you have questions.

Our goal is solely to help you improve your wellness and relaxation. If a guest's behavior is inappropriate, we have the right to refuse or stop the treatment immediately and courteously ask the guest to remove themselves from the business premises.

We kindly encourage that you turn your cell phones to silent upon arrival as cell phone use may affect your treatment.

When in an eye ash appointment, we highly discourage the use of your cell phone as it may result in you opening your eyes during the procedure which can result in irritations and major complications.

When booking your appointment with us, you are agreeing to these policies.

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